Texas Prompt Payment Act Information

If your organization is a state agency or political subdivision, your organization may qualify for billing treatment under the Texas Prompt Payment Act. North Texas Telephone Company requests that you identify yourself as eligible for Texas Prompt Payment Act billing treatment. You may call our business office at 940-529-6123, send an e-mail to , or write to NORTH TEXAS TELEPHONE COMPANY, PO BOX 290, DE LEON TX  76444-0290. If you identify your organization as eligible for Prompt Payment Act billing treatment, we will request that you provide a tax exempt certificate or affidavit to document your eligible status.

If you have questions about whether your organization qualifies for billing treatment under the Texas Prompt Payment Act, please review Texas Government Code Chapter 2251. Alternatively, you can contact the State Comptroller’s office at 1-800-252-5555 or e-mail them at .