Parental Controls

Cyber Snoop - Internet monitoring, filtering and control software program designed to monitor and control the Internet activity of a stand-alone computer.

Cyber Sitter - It runs secretly in the background, always analyzing Internet activity, and can be configured to be completely invisible to the user and still accessible by the parent or supervisor.

Internet Filter

Net Nanny - Net Nanny is the only parental control software that includes family-safe filtered search, an Internet monitor, web site filtering,time limits, chat recording, newsgroup blocking, and privacy controls.

Secure Web - Secure Web Webwasher and Secure Web Smartfilter software help protect more students & library users online from inappropriate or illegal Internet content than any other filter.

SentryPC - SentryPC allows parents to filter chats such as AOL, AOL IM, Yahoo, MSN, and ICQ. You can filter websites, applications, games, and even the computer as a whole during certain times of the day!

Yahoo - For more internet blocking software.