High Speed Broadband Internet

**Download/Upload Speeds Monthly Charge
1.5Mb/384K $38.95/mo.
3.0Mb/512K $44.95/mo.
6.0Mb/512K $59.95/mo.
10.0Mb/1Mb $74.95/mo.

Don't forget to add Connect Assist for $8.95/mo. in case technical assistance is required!

(Without Connect Assist, current service charges are minimum $60 for each service call plus $60 per hour.)

*“flashpoint” per month charges are in addition to the customer's regular monthly charges for telephone service. Six month continuous service commitment required. Free modem included. An early termination fee of $50 may be incurred when service is disrupted. Download speeds 8.0 and upload speeds 2.0 and higher are not available in all areas.

** Our maximum upload and download capacity levels are 45MB with a reliability factor of 99.999%. All services are provided on an AS IS basis. Speeds cannot be guaranteed outside of our network area.

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